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A little extra kindness goes a long way

Today has been an eventful Random Acts of Kindness Day across St Cuthbert’s Care!

This morning, we popped into our St Catherine’s and Holy Cross nursing homes to personally hand-deliver a small gift. Each resident was delighted to receive a vase of cheerful, spring daffodils or chocolate of their choice which brought beaming smiles all round.  

“What a lovely surprise,” said Win. “I love daffodils.”

Over in Darlington, the wonderful team at our Auton residential home for children had a special surprise for the young people. Staff had kindly put together goodie bags containing hot chocolate, tasty treats, rose quartz, and a pen for them to enjoy.

Meanwhile, young people at our Auton home in Sunderland chose to show their act of kindness with some purrfect donations, which they personally delivered to local cat rescue shelter, The Willows.

And flowers were tokens of kindness at our independent supported living service in Kenton, too, where staff and tenants presented each other with beautiful roses.

Although spreading kindness and cheer is always top of our list across our services, a little extra focus today really made everyone’s day.

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