Working for the common good by enabling people to develop to their personal potential.


For over 65 years we have worked throughout the North East helping the most vulnerable members of our communities. Our work is specialised, and it often tackles areas of unmet need that are either unattractive or considered to be too high risk for other providers. We focus largely upon:

  • residential care for children
  • short-term and long-term fostering
  • specialist provision for people with profound disabilities
  • care for older people

Much of our work is sensitive and emotive, reaching deep into people's lives. We engage and contract with a range of professional bodies and local authorities, and this income pays for the full cost of our care, including our overhead.

In addition to our care provision, we develop and run community projects. These span our region, targeting people who have absolutely nothing and supporting people who need the company and compassion of others.

Our fundraised income and donations pay for the entire cost of our community work.

St Cuthberts Care's work impacts on the lives of the most vulnerable, disenfranchised and dispossessed across the region. To find out more about our vital services download our leaflet.


Those magnificent women on their flying machines!

25 July 2014

Supporters have been looping the loop and defying the ground in a fabulous daredevil display to take the Alan Shearer Foundation sky high!

See where the Alan Shearer Foundation message has been taken ...

Local Asda is always happy to help the Alan Shearer Centre

24 July 2014

A stash of treasure and booty has been hauled in at the Alan Shearer Activity Centre this week.

Hear about the goodies and treats in store for pirates and princesses

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