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Wildlife heroes to the rescue!

Regulars at our Parkhead Resource Centre in Ashington don’t do anything by halves, but when they threw themselves into the Wildlife Trusts’ ’30 Days Wild’ challenge, they didn’t expect to add saving a hedgehog to their list of achievements.

It turned out that the injured hedgehog was lucky to wander into Parkhead’s grounds where he was quickly spotted by our eagle-eyed regulars who are big wildlife fans and knew exactly what to do.

“We’ve rescued quite a few hedgehogs now,” said Manager Claire, “so everyone knows the drill. After a spell in the local hedgehog hospital and being named ‘Eric’ by the staff, we’re hoping he’ll make a full recovery and return to his home in our grounds.”

But it wasn’t all work and no play for our wildlife heroes who also enjoyed a soothing sensory walk and scavenger hunt in the local woods.

“That was great!” beamed Bryan.