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A Dabble In Scrabble

Nicola and Mary play Scrabble

Mind your P’s and skip the Q’s – we’ve had a dabble in a bit of Scrabble this week.

The war of the words took place at our
St Catherine’s Nursing Home in Newcastle, as residents teamed up with staff to pit their linguistic wits against each other. Mary joined our Marketing Manager, Nicola, on one team, while Joan formed an alliance with our Activities
Co-ordinator, Jenny.

After a morning of double word scores and dictionary checks, Joan and Jenny eventually ran out the winners by 201 points to 194.

“It was such a close game,” said Mary. “But I don’t mind losing when we have this much fun!”

Clearly, Scrabble at St Catherine’s spells
good times.

Nicola and Mary play Scrabble
Nicola and Mary consider their next move