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A look back at the 80’s

Auton 80's

Young people at our Auton residential children’s home in Newcastle delved into history by reliving some of the fun highlights of the 1980’s. 

Vibrant colours, hippy chic, lycra, leg warmers and oversized medallions were just some of the fashions on parade, while staff laid on a buffet of typically 80’s fare – complete with cheese and pineapple hedgehog centrepiece. 

“Most of our staff are too young to remember much about the 80’s,” said residential care officer, Laura, “but that made it all the more fun to work with the young people to discover the era together.”

The event was wrapped up with a musical evening featuring many top hits from Madonna, Michael Jackson and Wham to name but a few.

And the reaction of our young people? “Awesome!”