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Enjoying the Alan Shearer Centre

Our Purpose

St Cuthbert’s Care is a charity working for the common good by enabling people to develop to their personal potential.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in all that we do.

Our Values

The principles that underline the work of our charity include:

  • Statement of Values
    The following statements reflect the principal values underpinning the work of the charity.
  • Cherishing Life
    Recognition of the inherent dignity of each person.
  • Subsidiarity
    Passing authority and responsibility downwards, as appropriate,
    directly to staff and volunteers and users of our services.
  • Empowerment
    Actively participating in efforts to support people
    in achieving self-reliance.
  • Stewardship
    Careful, imaginative, appropriate use of all our resources.
  • Integrity
    Demonstrated adoption of Purpose and Core Values
    by all in all activity.
  • Excellence
    Aiming to achieve pre-determined Outcomes and
    Key Performance Indicators of the highest quality.

Our History

Our charity was founded in 1946 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. Known as the Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Rescue Society, it provided residential care for orphaned children in the aftermath of World War II. Throughout the decades, our charity has gradually expanded and diversified.

In 1982, our charity was registered and also became a private company limited by guarantee.

In 1986, we changed our name to Catholic Care North East, in order to reflect the broader range of services that we provided across the region.

Remaining firmly rooted within the Catholic Church, our charity was re-named in 1997 to St Cuthbert’s Care. Saint Cuthbert, the revered Bishop of Lindisfarne in the seventh century, practiced Christianity by example, extending his holiness and humility to both populated and remote regions of his Diocese.

Our charity is proud to bear the name of St Cuthbert, a name symbolising centuries of faith and devotion in the North of England. It embodies the wide scope and nature of our Purpose. In practice this means that our energies and resources are dedicated to where there is greatest need. Increasingly this has come to mean that St Cuthbert’s Care offers community initiatives and care services, to people of any denomination and those with none, where there is no one else willing or able to do so. We work with the most disadvantaged, poor, vulnerable or dispossessed in our society.

Disability confident employer

St Cuthbert’s Care carries the nationally recognised “Disability Confident Employer” symbol, for our positive commitment to employing, retaining and developing people with disabilities. We are committed to the development and success of our staff, and in achieving best practice standards in our work. 

Find out more by downloading copies of our work leaflet, annual reviews and gender pay gap reports: