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Book club goes from strength to strength

A popular book club started by one of our St Catherine’s residents has grown into a lively debating society and reminiscence group thanks to the number of people taking part.

Eighty-six-year-old resident and author, George, set up the book club at the start of the year and now regularly attracts around 20 attendees. He has recently been joined by new resident, Ann, who enjoys co-hosting the gathering with readings from her published book of reflections.

Ann’s soothing passages bring a period of peace and tranquillity to the group while George’s tales of his time spent in Africa are spectacular and often incredibly amusing.

“I’ve just moved into St Catherine’s and have really enjoyed the group,” said Irene, “It’s a lovely way to meet everyone.”

That’s another regular added to your fan club, George and Ann!

group of people listening to someone read