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Cards that say we’re thinking of you

Residents living in our St Catherine’s nursing home have each received a special handwritten card from staff working in our charity’s head office.

The ‘thinking of you’ cards have been sent to let our residents know that, despite being unable to visit in person, our staff still have each and every one of them in their thoughts and prayers and are looking forward to the day they can visit in person once more.

Our St Catherine’s nursing home is located on the lower floor of St Cuthbert’s House and, before lockdown, our staff would often pop in to share a cuppa and a chat or enjoy a walk in the gardens and regularly invited residents to join them in their offices for a special Friday afternoon tea treat.

The cheerful cards from their friends and neighbours upstairs were warmly welcomed, bringing lots of smiles as the envelopes were opened.

“The card was such a lovely surprise,” said Moira, pictured. “It really made my day.”

Moira with her card