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Dignity Action Day

Residents at our two Nursing homes celebrating dignity day

To mark Dignity Action Day, residents living in our Holy Cross nursing home have produced a dignity tree filled with inspirational comments that set out what dignity means to them.

Working with our Wellbeing Co-ordinators, our residents chatted about dignity over a cuppa and painted individual leaves for the tree which would display their messages.

Among the messages is one from Theresa who says: “Dignity to me means receiving good care and having my earrings in,” and a message from Margaret reads: “It means the freedom to choose.”

In our St Catherine’s nursing home in Newcastle and across many of our other services, people we care for are sharing an afternoon Digni-tea together, choosing their favourite food and turning it into their own special occasion.

With Dignity Champions in each of our services, dignity is at the heart of everything we do, every single day, but it’s always nice to enjoy an extra special day of celebration.

Residents at our two Nursing homes celebrating dignity day