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Foster carer support makes a world of difference

A number of our foster carers have welcomed children with learning disabilities into their families and their nurturing care has helped to develop skills and abilities that are unquestionably enriching lives.

Ten years ago, an eight-year-old girl was placed with our foster carers, Chris and Glynnis and in that time she has grown and developed in ways that were unimaginable at the start.

Diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, Chloe was non-verbal and had behavioural issues which further limited her ability to learn.

However, time, patience and dedication has paid massive dividends and thanks to Chris and Glynnis, Chloe has come on so much she is now able to have a full and independent conversation. As a result, her world has really opened up and she enjoys spending time at her Special Educational Needs college where she also helps to serve in the student café.

Remaining with Chris and Glynnis under a Shared Lives agreement, Chloe is still being lovingly supported to make the most of her abilities.

“Finding her voice has definitely helped Chloe to build up her self-confidence,” said Glynnis. “She has made friends at college and we encourage and support her to socialise and attend a youth club where she enjoys a mix of different activities.”

Chris and Glynnis are just one of our foster families who have made a real difference to a young person with learning disabilities. If you would like to find out more about fostering a child with special needs or you would like to know more about fostering in general, contact our friendly team on 0191 242 4805; enquire via our website or email team manager, Claire:

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