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Friendship never tasted so good

friendship cake st cuthberts care

Young people at our Auton residential children’s home in Newcastle are learning all about baking, generosity, responsibility and patience in their latest project.

In true sharing style, staff member, Laura, has given part of her special friendship cake mixture to the young people so they can start growing and raising their very own friendship cake.

The portion of magic mixture – affectionately known as Herman – will grow big and strong if it receives the care and attention it needs to become a tasty, well-rounded cake.

The ten day challenge for the young people will see them taking responsibility for adding ingredients, regular stirring and saying a few kindly words for good measure before they, in turn, divide the mixture to share with others to continue Herman’s friendship legacy.

Of course, they do get to keep a little of the cake to cook and eat, too, which will be well deserved after dishing out all that TLC.

friendship cake st cuthberts care