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Fun and learning on our trips out

What a fantastic time our Parkhead Resource Centre guests have been having on their fun and informative trips out.

Making the most of the gorgeous weather, their trips have included a scavenger hunt in the local area; a trip to the library and exploring the park in Morpeth.

Although it looks all fun and games, there is a serious side to the outings, too.

Our day centre activities are designed to give everyone attending the opportunity to hone their skills, so we’ve also built in a few useful tips and hands-on experience on traveling and crossing the road safely, understanding bus timetables and even using the new technology at their local library.

“Making sure our guests are equipped with skills that help them to be as independent as possible is what it’s all about,” said Parkhead manager, Claire. “Although our trips have a serious side, it’s amazing how our guests are able to find fun in everything they do.”

We can tell by those incredible smiles!