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Happy St Cuthbert’s Day

Today, we celebrate the Feast of St Cuthbert – the patron saint of our Diocese and the namesake of our charity.

St Cuthbert was born in 634AD. One day when tending sheep in Scotland, he had a vision of St Aidan being carried to heaven by an angel. This inspired him to become a monk and one of the great evangelists of early Christianity, spreading the word of the gospel to all. 

St Cuthbert sought solitude and peace on the Inner Farne Island, living in great austerity and dedicating his life to prayer. 

St Cuthbert’s name symbolises centuries of faith and devotion in the North of England and embodies the wide scope and nature of our purpose: ‘Working for the common good by enabling people to develop to their personal potential.’

St Cuthbert, pray for us.