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Lessons go on for George – at 95

George, who lives in our St Catherine’s nursing home in Newcastle, is a perfect example of it never being too late to learn.

At 95 years young, George’s career in education has left him with an endless love of learning and boundless curiosity, so when he asked if he could find out more about what happens on the floor above his home – and perhaps have a tour around his former school building, too – we were only too pleased to help.

With the help Jonny from the Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan offices, George enjoyed a personal tour of their Resource Centre, St Hilda’s, which was part of St Cuthbert’s School when George was in his teens.

“I remember the sixth form room,” said George as he re-visited the rooms and corridors of St Hilda’s, “and the headmaster’s room – although that’s a memory I’d like to leave in the past!”

A tour of our offices on the floor above his home, soon had George marvelling at the range of services provided by our charity and a chat with the staff teams gave him all the information he needed to tick that particular task off his ‘to do’ list.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my tours,” said George. “Now I’ve ticked that off my list, I’ll have to think of something else to be curious about!”

We’ll be ready to take the challenge, George.