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Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nursing home resident drinking juice

We’ve been marking Nutrition and Hydration week with a foody focus on everything from big breakfasts to tasty snacks in our nursing homes in Newcastle and Sunderland.

Good nutrition and good hydration are, of course, priorities for us every day and this special week allows us to highlight some of the good practices we have in place to cater for the individual needs of our residents.

As well as regular meals, nutritionally balanced smaller portions and lite bites encourage residents with smaller appetites to enjoy a varied diet and pureed and soft foods are moulded so that they can still be identified as the food item they are made from.

“Pureed carrot would be moulded into a carrot shape, for example,” said Gill, manager of our St Catherine’s nursing home. “This means our residents know they will be eating carrot and not any other orange coloured food. Being able to identify what you are eating is key in encouraging people to eat.”

Creating the right environment is also important and mealtimes are protected from interruption so our residents can enjoy social time together in our dining rooms supported by our staff, where necessary.

Hydration stations around our homes means water is readily available wherever our residents may be and fresh fruit and smoothies make tasty alternatives to other beverages.

“Although we are focusing on the science of maintaining good nutrition and hydration,” added Gill, “our residents are only aware that the delicious food and refreshments provided are just right for them.”

Nursing home resident drinking juice
Selection of fruit and juices