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Our Hub members get the VIP treatment

Group of people in an art gallery

It’s not every day an artist invites you to their art exhibition, but our Hub@Parkhead members were over the moon to receive a personal invitation and exclusive tour of artist, Dex Hannon’s latest exhibition.

Dex works at St Cuthbert’s Care, which runs Hub@Parkhead in Ashington, but is also a highly successful artist. So, when he bagged an opportunity to showcase some of his work at Woodhorn Museum he immediately thought of our Hub members.

After a trip around the museum, everyone met up with Dex for their personal viewing of his work, which forms part of the Woodhorn’s Northumberland Arts Show. Titled The Blythian Memes, Dex’s artwork takes a look at some of the symbols and landmarks of Blyth using digital art, video and music.

“We felt very important,” said Hub member, Shane.

“Our Hub members love creating their own art, which I’ve been privileged enough to be invited to see on many an occasion,” said Dex. “It’s been lovely to be able to return the favour.”  

Group of people in an art gallery