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Puzzle makes perfect keepsake

When a member of our support staff retired, he couldn’t go without a very special memento being left behind to mark the especially close bonds he had with one of our service users.

Michael, a key worker at our Sherringham House independent supported living apartments, was popular with all of our tenants, but really hit it off with David.

So, when retirement beckoned, staff arranged for a favourite photo of the two friends to be made into a jigsaw and presented it to the pair at Christmas.

“Now, whenever David misses Michael, he can just piece together that very special moment captured in the jigsaw,” said Angela, the Senior at the apartments. “We know that will bring a smile back to his face.”

After almost 20 years with our charity, we’d like to say a big thank you and good luck in your retirement, Michael.

Michael and David in jigsaw form