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Starting 2022 with a jar of positivity

Young people at Auton, our residential home for children in Sunderland, have started a positivity jar to collect memorable moments throughout 2022.

The jar is an inspired idea to help them focus on the positives of each day. Every week, they will each write down something meaningful or that they were grateful for during the day, then on New Year’s Eve, they will empty the jars and read the year’s highlights.

Residential Care Officer, Ayesha Akkaya said:

” We thought the positivity jar would be a nice activity to do together and a way to help the young people focus on the positive experiences in their lives. It’s a simple task but taking the time to write down a positive from each week can help promote a healthy mindset. We can’t wait to read them all back together at the end of the year.”

If you would like to find out more about our services for children and young people, please see here: Homepage – Auton Residential Childcare