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Tablet gift keeps Debra in touch

Despite lockdown, Debra, who lives in one of our independent supported living houses, is keeping up with her classes and her friends, thanks to a very special gift.

The Hub, which Debra usually attends in person for drawing lessons and to meet up with friends, has provided her with a tablet computer so that she can still enjoy all of this online at home.

Supported by our staff, Debra is able to continue her daily sessions as well as take part in discussions and quizzes and spend time catching up with her friends.

“Debra loves The Hub and has really been missing everyone during lockdown,” said staff Senior, Chris. “As well as being able to keep in touch, she’s still able to get that all-important sense of achievement from her classes, too.”

Sending a massive ‘thank you’ to The Hub.

Debra with her tablet